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"Bruised and Bloodied" by Seether

"Fake Woke" by Tom MacDonald

"What Does The Man Get From Modern Relationships" by Coach Greg Adams

"Amnesia" by The Network

"The Gamestop Stock Situation" from Joe Rogan Experience

"Big Tech, Gov't, Wall Street, News & Social Media Vs. Literally Everyone Else" by Better Bachelor

"The Eternal Struggles of The Howling Man" by Rob Zombie

"Degenerate" by The Network

"Surprise, Surprise" by Billy Talent

Sergio Yuppie | The King of Downhill Slide

Who Did It Better? The Network vs Pinhead Gunpowder

Pop Punk Radio Show: Episode 6 - Hockey Punk Playlist

"Which Candidate Is Racist?" by K-von

Reacting to "MOST HATED ARTISTS: Tom MacDonald..." by PunkRockMBA

"Escape From Los Angeles" by AFI

"Bagel Rooks" by Bad Operation

"Big Tech Cleans House" by Awaken With JP

Pop Punk Radio Show - Episode 5 Playlist

Toasty & Clyde in "The Break-Room Toaster"

"Riverwalk" by Hemisfair

"The Bandit" by Kings Of Leon

"19 Things Your Dad Should Have Told You But He Never Did" by Richard Cooper

"Perilous" by Bad Operation

"...Women Are Awful On Dating Apps" by Better Bachelor

"Dr. Mario: Chill" Ska Cover by The Holophonics

"Be Dangerous But Disciplined" | Jocko WIllink & Jordan Peterson