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Pop Punk Radio Show - Episode 5 Playlist

  If you're looking for a break from politics and social justice, Episode 5 is for you! This episode is a Chill playlist of mostly mellow music which starts off with some energy before melting in to some acoustic tunes for the latter half of the show. I hope that this playlist inspires you to do something positive. Bands and artists featured in this playlist include: Alicewell, Baxter, Kali Masi, Mansions, Molchat Doma, Mike Herrera, The Ataris, The Menzingers, and Eddie Booze doing a nice Millencolin cover, Long time followers of Pop Punk Radio might recognize Alicewell, a four piece rock group from Sweden. We are happy to see them back with their first video in about 5 years. We would also like to shine a little spotlight on Baxter who bring us a blend of melodic skatepunk from Mannheim, Germany. Kali Masi is perhaps the best band that you have possibly never heard yet. Their music video for "The Stray" was only released in Nov, but I am still absolutely shocked that th

Cover Songs: "Lori Meyers" NOFX cover by Eddie Booze