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"More Than Love" by The Prize Fighter Inferno

"The Only Way Is Through" by ...Underarmour?

Who Did It Better? : "Come Out Fighting" by Pennywise / The Vandals

"yours truly." by Super Whatever

"California" by Blink 182

"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World

"Ship In A Bottle" by Bouncing Souls

Song Combos: "Everything Is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack with "Fireflies" by Owl City

Music Video: "It's A Trip!" by Joywave

"On A Turntable (Live) by The Interrupters

"You Can't Have All Of Me" by Reel Big Fish

Music Videos: "Nice Guys Finish Last" by Green Day

Music Videos: "Mary" by Bayside

Music Videos: "Sloppy Jazz" by Super American

Music Videos: "I'm Well, You're Poison" by Red City Radio

Music Videos: "Island" by Coheed & Cambria

Music Videos: "Misery Business" by Paramore

Music Videos: "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World

Music Videos: "Still Breathing" by Green Day

Music Videos: "The Valentine Blast Furnace" by Two O Clock Courage