"What Does The Man Get From Modern Relationships" by Coach Greg Adams

A married woman sends another man topless pics behind her husband's back and hints at having a fling in Las Vegas while her husband gambles. This same woman starts an argument with the guy she is sending the pics to, arguing about the "sanctity" of marriage and that "marriage is forever..." The irony is not lost on this one.

Hyper-gamy is the act of marrying someone of higher status than yourself. Women are hypergamous by nature. It is in their DNA to seek out a person who in their mind would be the best possible provider that she can get. Even if this person is not the same person that she already made a life-long commitment to. One of the dangers in marrying young is that a few years down the line, your spouse may no longer see you as the "best" that she can get. When she finds a new mark, she will drop you faster than a piece of salad at an all you can eat BBQ. She wants that rich, savory meat on the grill that she can't touch. Not the flimsy flake of lettuce in her bowl. 

Don't fall for the trap, fellas. If she does it to him, she will do it to you. Fool around with these women if you like, but don't wife them up, don't date them long term, and absolutely positively keep it wrapped. You and only you are responsible for your seed. Once it leaves your body, you have no control over it. Wear a condom. Period.

Women, if you are the type to let a guy go up in you raw dog and secretly hope that you get pregnant so you can "trap" a man, you are everything that is wrong with this world. A man who does not truly love you will not stick around, and any money that you get from the government or child support is never going to off-set the costs of raising that child. You are setting yourself up for failure and bringing an innocent life along for the ride for selfish reasons.

Guys, if you are the type to go busting nuts inside of women and laughing about it afterwards, you are also everything that is wrong with this world. It takes a loving mother and father to properly raise a healthy, well-balanced child. Anyone who's actions lead to an unwanted child entering this world only creates more problems for this world when that child grows up. The last thing you want is to have the government reaching in to each and every paycheck and handing money over to a woman who very likely won't use that money to raise your child right. She will use it to buy herself a Gucci handbag as she tries to dig her claws in to some other unsuspecting schmuck. That kid will also probably grow up with a deep seeded resentment towards you.

Many women these days are absolutely not looking to build a strong cohesive team with you. They will put on a front, and once they get what they want, they change completely. The woman that you fall in love with and marry will not be the same woman you divorce. Every woman has a demon inside of her, and you will see it once she's used you up and spit you out. Trust me, I've been through it.

My ex-gf once took me to a wedding, she took me to a lot of them. I think she secretly hoped that by taking me to a wedding it would make me want to also get married. It might work that way with women but for guys it has the opposite effect. Ask me how many women I've seen tie the knot only to end up divorced and/or cheating on her husband a few months later. Over 90%. 

If a kid is involved, her loyalty to the man lasts until the kid is old enough to be watched by Grandma. I've seen it happen time and time again. Many of these people were young couples in their 20s. I've even seen some 19 year olds get married, and yeah she had a new IG account inviting guys to her OF page before the baby even had teeth.

Tread with caution guys. Even more important to be cautious if you are a high value guy. There are a lot of sirens out there who have nothing better to do than to wreck the ships of those who are above them and want nothing to do with them.

There is absolutely zero reason for a man to get married these days.


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