Toasty & Clyde in "The Break-Room Toaster"

I worked in Silicon Valley up until just before the lock-downs occurred. Overall, I loved the company I worked for and the job I did. However, working in Big Tech with a bunch of spoiled young millennials was also an exercise in frustration in a lot of ways. Many of these "kids" were just entering the workforce for their first job after graduating from college. 

I do want to mention that the vast majority of the people I worked with were great people. I also worked a night-shift which brought people in from all parts of the country, as well as the globe to work together in one office. Overall it was a great environment in a lot of ways. Many of the people I met from other parts of the country were great people. I also worked with a lot of international people from other countries who were amazing friendly people.

However, I noticed that there was a stark comparison between those who worked night shift and were largely recruited from other parts of the globe, versus many of the young new college grads that were overwhelmingly recruited to work day shift from the local area. Many of these kids were insufferable spoiled brats who had zero clue how cushy their office tech jobs really were. These were overwhelmingly kids who had rich parents, never worked until they were in their mid twenties, and have never lived outside of mommy and daddy's house paying their own bills. yet they pull up in to the office parking lot with a brand new Tesla as if it announces something other than "I don't pay my own bills and am lacking in something that I have to over-compensate for!"

I know a guy who was interviewed at another nearby tech company that makes automated vehicles and was told by an interviewer that there had been some employees from the guy's former office that had swapped over to the new company and had done so while whining about the fact that they had to do actual work for the full 8 hours that they were on the clock at the new company. The previous company had a lot of down-time and many employees kept hobbies at their desks to stay occupied. My buddy told the interviewer something along the lines of "that must have been their very first job if they are going to kick and scream about actually working for 8 hours." The interviewer's poker-face cracked a smile and held back a good chuckle at that response.

Now I do want to point out that one of the things I enjoyed about the previous office was the culture and the down-time. Down-time is important because it allows employees to be creative. Some companies believe that boredumb is beneficial because boredumb is when the mind is at play thinking of amazing innovative new ideas. And this was a company that built a literal empire off of this philosophy. A philosophy I agreed with 100%. However, I also grew up working blue-collar jobs where I had to bust my ass for every moment that I was on the clock. I had a perspective to understand how great this company's culture was, so I appreciated it very much. Meanwhile, some of these spoiled local kids straight out of college have only and ever experienced a life of entitlement and complained about literally everything and the kitchen sink.

Point being, there are a LOT of spoiled, entitled, participation-trophy generation millennials working in Big Tech. Many of these stunted children have faced zero hardships in their lives and have zero fucking clue how the real world actually operates. Some of these PC babies have lived such spoiled and entitled lives that the worst thing they have to complain about on a given day is a toaster dial in the break room.

This video was inspired by an exchange witnessed in a Big Tech office. I originally wanted to make this an animated cartoon. I actually wanted to make an entire series of animated cartoons with characters and situations "inspired" by true events. 

However, I am not an animator. I also have my hands way too busy dabbling in way too many different interests as it is. I am just one person, I can not do it all by myself. However, I did want to get the ideas out there. So I rushed and put something together at the last minute in order to get the video released as part of the Episode 2 playlist for Pop Punk Radio Show. I used very basic editing and the character voices make me cringe every time I re-watch the video. But it still makes me laugh, and that was the entire point. To make ME laugh. If you laughed too, that's a bonus.

Oh, what a sheltered and spoiled life we must be living when the worst thing we have to complain about is a dial on a toaster.


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