July 20, 2017

In Loving Memory of Chester Bennington; Linkin Park

 "When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed."

Be kind to each other. You never know what kind of demons someone could be struggling with.

Rest in Peace, Chester Bennington.

July 15, 2017

July 10, 2017

Music Video: "Party Foul" by Eternal Boy

Check out the music video for "Party Foul" by Eternal Boy from Pittsburgh, PA. Performing on the July 14th date of the 2017 Van's Warped Tour.

July 07, 2017

Shakeology: Protein Shake or Meal Replacement?

The biggest problem with Shakeology (that’s right, there’s actually a problem with Shakeology) is that it’s really hard to classify. It’s not really a meal replacement — nor is it a protein shake. So what the heck is it?
The thing is, Shakeology is so much more. By placing it in a category, you only limit how dynamic this supplement is. So let’s break it down.

Is Shakeology a Meal Replacement?

By itself, Shakeology does not replace a meal. That being said, it certainly can be part of a balanced meal when combined with healthy foods like berries and other fruit, nuts, seeds, and nut butters, avocados, various milks, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Or what about drinking it before your meal? “Wait!” you say. “Won’t that ruin my appetite?”
It sure does—but in a good way! Shakeology is loaded with protein and provides fiber—both which help promote a feeling of satiety and curb appetite. So drinking it before breakfast, lunch, or dinner is what’s referred to in clinical circles as “pre-loading,” or consuming a pre-meal snack to suppress hunger and decrease food intake.

In other words, Shakeology is not a meal replacement, but it could be considered a healthy way to tide you over, keep you from “pigging out,” and help you stay on course with your balanced, healthy diet. That said, it’s not just a plain old protein (and fiber) shake!

Is Shakeology a Protein Shake?

With 16 to 17 grams of protein per glass, depending on your flavor, Shakeology comes in at roughly the same protein level as a serving of Greek yogurt (18 grams per 7 ounces) or tofu (16 grams in 7 ounces). And it surpasses eggs, which check in at 12 grams for two. While it’s not as high as meat or fish, it still has enough protein for it to count as a Red Container in the Portion Control Container system.

So, in a way, yes, Shakeology could be considered a protein shake.

That said, regular protein drinks tend to focus almost exclusively on, well, protein. Therefore they have more protein grams at the expense of other nutrients. This isn’t the case with Shakeology, given it includes a variety of nutrients, including carbs and fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Shakeology’s even low glycemic index-certified by an independent laboratory.

The combined effect does so much more than just provide amino acids. It works to benefit your overall health, helping to support healthy energy, curb cravings, and support your digestive health. So while you can certainly drink Shakeology to add protein to your diet, you’re missing the big picture—and some of the prime benefits—by focusing exclusively on this one macronutrient.

So what do you call Shakeology? The marketing gurus at Beachbody have gone around in circles with that one for a while. “Your daily dose of nutrition”? Sure, that’s a great tagline, but given Shakeology’s diversity, it’s a hard product to pin down. So instead of spending all this energy coming up with a label, how about we do what we’re supposed to do with the stuff: Drink it, keep active, eat right, and get healthy.

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June 27, 2017

"Farewell My Hell" Acoustic Performance by NIkola Sarcevic

Everything will soon turn black
so here's my letter,
To get it off my chest.

Promise father, don't look back,
it's not for the better.
I know you tried your best.

Everybody seems so happy like they all share
something I haven't felt for years.
For long I've tried to just hold on but now I don't care,
I'm closing down my thoughts and fears.

Forgive me, life is cruel.
I'm leaving you.

Hear you little brother me,
you know I'm sorry,
for every high hand.

Give my love to mother, please
tell her not to worry.
I hope she'll understand.

Everybody seems so happy like they all share
something I haven't felt for years.
For long I've tried to just hold on but now I don't care,
I'm closing down my thoughts and fears.

Forgive me, life is cruel.
I'm leaving you.
So long, don't wait for me in vain.
What's wrong with being free from pain?
Be strong and live your lives like I never could.

Farewell, let the memories be nice.
To hell!? Don't think you go there twice.
I'm well off right here, it's more than good.

So Farewell...