April 03, 2020

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3 - Summer Songs

"All The Small Things" by Blink 182

"Summer's Here" by Frenzal Rhomb

"Doin Time" by Sublime

April 02, 2020

Song Combos: "We Got Two Jealous Agains" & "I Got One Jealous Again, Again" by NOFX

Today we explore two NOFX songs that take alternate viewpoints. Basically a before and an after. This post also doubles as Day 2 of the 30 Day Song Challenge, a song with a number in the title.

"We've Got Two Jealous Agains" is a record collector's love song from the 2003 NOFX release The War On Errorism. Most of the lines in the song list titles of various punk and hardcore albums. The title is a reference to Black Flag's 1980 EP Jealous Again. At the beginning of the song, Fat Mike questions whether or not the new relationship will work out as he digs through his partner's record collection and discovers a few albums from artists that he doesn't care for. But he quickly changes his tune as he keeps digging and realizes that she has a lot of the same albums he does. "We got two Adolescents... two Declines... and two Jealous Agains."

"We Got Two Jealous Agains" by NOFX

"I Got One Jealous Again, Again" covers the sad day when the couple breaks up and have to divide their record collection. While it may be easy to split the duplicates, how does one handle separating a collection of albums that were purchased together during the course of the relationship? Some tough decisions must be made. If any lesson is to be learned from these stories, it's that it pays to label your album slip-covers.

"I Got One Jealous Again, Again" by NOFX

April 01, 2020

Music Videos: "I Don't Want To Be An Asshole Anymore" by The Menzingers

"The Ants Are Angry" - The Misadventures of Little Rudger

Schmuck came running up to Little Rudger at one morning before class had begun. He had a huge grin on his face that could only mean one thing. "Yo bro, it's Fri-day!" he said, placing emphasis on the first syllable. "Meet at my house tonight." Yes! It was true! "Fri-day" meant someone had a date with Lucy, and minds were about to be opened that weekend.

Sandman, Koby, and Little Rudger met up with Schmuck in the garage at Schmuck's house later that afternoon. Sandman sat down on a couch and started strumming an old acoustic guitar he brought with him. There was a bag of fast food left out from the previous night. A thick line of ants formed a highway traveling up the side of the couch and went across the arm to the leg of a table where the bag was sitting. Before the trip settled in, Schmuck grabbed the bag of food and threw it in a trash can outside. This sent the ants scurrying all over the place in a panic to find the missing food.

As the trip began to settle in, Sandman and Koby were in a stereo-typical metal-head debate about which drummer was better. Koby made a good argument for Rick Allen of Def Leppard, who had only one arm. But Sandman was insistent that Animal from The Muppets was the best drummer he had ever seen perform live. "You never saw Animal perform live, wtf." said Koby, scoffing at the ridiculous notion. "Dude, I totally did." replied Sandman. "It was part of their Movin' on Mupp Tour."

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1 - Color Name Songs

 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1 - A song with a color in the title.

"Pink Suitcase" by Fairmounts

"Girl In The Green Jacket" by Bigwig

"Pink Power Ranger" by Bickley

March 28, 2020

Who Did It Better? - Dookie vs Kerplunk! (Green Day)

Today we explore two versions of Green Day's "Welcome To Paradise."

First up is the version most people are probably already familiar with. The version that was released on Dookie in 1994. However, some people may not know that the song was originally released on the band's second album Kerplunk! in 1992.

The version released on Dookie has more of a polished and produced feel, while the version on Kerplunk! feels more like a raw "punk" recording. The guitar feedback varies slightly during the bridge / bass "solo" in the Dookie version. Otherwise, both songs are nearly identical from a structural standpoint.

Which version do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

Dookie (1994) Version

Kerplunk! (1992) Version