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"Stars" by Molchat Doma

"Freedom Is..." by Pinhead Gunpowder

"Breaking Down" by I Prevail

"Hear Me Screaming" by Alicewell

"2021 Will Be About Narcissism and Self Indulgence" by Better Bachelor

"Instagram‘s New Terms of Service - Not Sketchy at All!" by Awaken With JP

"I Wanna Riot" by Rancid

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"A Communist Christmas" by Awaken With JP

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"Masculine Is Bad..." by Better Bachelor

"Ganymede" by ROVVLES

"Black Tongue" by Mastodon

"Hang Myself From The Tree" by The Vandals

"Woodlawn" by Hemisfair

"Why Small Businesses Should Stay Closed Forever!"

"Voice of Memphis" by Negro Terror

"The Lonesome Man" by Diamonds and Guns

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"Father Christmas" performed by The Great Heights Band

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