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Is it a bomb? Is it a balloon? Is it a person in black-face?

Have you ever wondered what our logo was? Some people have thought it was a "punk bomb" logo. I suppose that kinda makes sense considering the "pop" part of Pop Punk. However, bombs explode. They don't pop.

Well my friends, our logo is a hockey puck with a mohawk. Our "Hockey Punk" if you will. I've played hockey since I was 14 years old. Punk music and hockey have been two of my biggest hobbies and interests throughout my life. This logo combines both elements. They design of the eyes is inspired by the inner-artwork for Green Day's Dookie, which I often used to doodle on my notebooks in high school as a teenager.

I designed the logo myself using Paint. Something people often use against me as an insult but I really don't give a fuck. They're just jealous that they can't design an awesome logo that is so basic. I use a red & black color scheme because its cheaper to get stickers printed in these two colors than it is to order full color stickers.

That being said, I have been intending to upgrade the logo and the design of the website. I don't know if this will happen anytime soon as I have other priorities at the moment. These things cost money and this website is, by-in-large, a labor of love. I also haven't had a regular job/income since Feb 2020 just before the lockdowns occured. Which can make funding some of my ideas to grow the website difficult.

I'm trying to develop ways to monetize this website so that it can continue to get bigger and better. I was trying to build up our YouTube channel through weekly podcasts but they never really went anywhere. As of January 2023 I took the YouTube channel in a new direction. Now I talk about fun facts from popular rock albums. The channel is growing and hopefully will get monetized within the next 6-9 months.

Until then, if you love what we do here and want to show some support, feel free to make a donation. Even if it's just a few bucks, it can really help. I know times are tough and many of us are struggling. If you want to show us support but can't do so financially, you can really help us out by spreading the word about us and what we are doing here.

Thank you all for your continued love and support!