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What is a Pro Fighter Q? What does a Pro Fighter Q do? Are there any Pro Fighter Q socks? Is anybody listening to me?

Billy Madison references aside, some people that listened to Millencolin's classic tune "Bullion" have pondered the lyrics near the end of the song where Nikola Sarcevic refers to something called a Pro Fighter Q.

To put it simply, Super Pro Fighter Q was a knockoff device that could be used to "backup" Nintendo  cartridge games back in the 90s. I had actually never even heard of these until doing research for the song lyrics, but maybe the following video can explain how a similar device works.

So why does Nikola Sarcevic make a reference to the device? Probably because it rhymes with "you." At least, that's my best guess.

He's going through a list of things he plans to change and he's conveying the message that he's changing everything. Even things that are close and dear to him.

If Nikolai's time has been dominated by music (compact discs), skateboarding (stale fish), & video games (Nintendo), then it only makes sense that these would also be the things that he changes; dancing instead of passively listening, ditching the skate shoes for something different, and putting away the video games.  

Not that music, skateboards, and video games are bad things that need to be done away with entirely. All of them are healthy hobbies within reason, but anything can be unhealthy when it consumes too much of one's life. Sometimes it's good to try something different to come out of a funk.


"Twenty one, feeling down
I tell you nothing with a thousand words and I
Weaker get with every step
I waste my time on compact discs and stale fish
I can't remember the last time I did something
That made me feel all right for longer than a few hours
If I only had the strength to make some muffins
Then I swear that I would share them with you now

Am I odd or am I not?
That's the question I spend time analyzing
I'm so soft but still I'm not
Living up to what people want me to be
Cause I'm busy with me, myself and I can't
Be understood by someone I don't know too well
So I'm shutting out the whole world just to play Nintendo
I've got these new games, but I'm afraid you can't join me

These last few years I've been struggling
And I'm tired of keeping a low profile
So now it's time to show that I'm alive
I'm gonna change my life
Change my plans
Change my Vans
Even start to dance now
Change my thoughts
Change my socks
Change my moves
Even change my Pro Fighter Q for you

No, it's not for you
This one's just for me
This one's just for me


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