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If you're wondering why there haven't been as many updates or why Pop Punk Radio Show is on a little bit of a hiatus, it's because I have been focusing on other projects. One of which is working on electronic music again. During the 2020 lock-downs I started tinkering with ambient music, made a few tracks, and released a digital album. 

That album inspired a similar project that I called "ambient space music" and I released an album themed on the moons of Jupiter. The music was pretty boring and didn't get much attention but it was a fun learning experiment. It was also a nice change from the loud aggressive rock music I used to listen to a lot more often.

After working on ambient electronic music for a few months, I got burnt out on it. This was about the time when I started doing the Pop Punk Radio Show playlists. I am a man of many interests and I change gears quite often. One of the reasons why I've always loved seasonal work, because I can get in to "work mode" for a period of time knowing that there is going to be a break period where I can focus on something else. This is what keeps things fresh and interesting in my life. It's also easier to give a project 110% of your effort when you know the project is not going to be demanding that much of you for 12 months a year.

So I did the Pop Punk Radio Show for about a year and during that time I enhanced my video editing skills by making YouTube videos for my podcasts and song visualizers for bands who could use the help. This became an exciting project during the Summer of 2021 and brought a lot of positive attention to the website. It also helped me make connections with musicians across the globe who enjoyed our efforts and the messages we were putting out in to the community. I was also able to make better connections with my followers, some of which have helped me through some difficult times in ways that my real life friends never could. 

Despite the fact that Pop Punk Radio has sort of fallen on the back burner lately, I am grateful for the sense of community that we have developed (particularly on our Instagram following) over these past few months or year. The website has always served as a bit of a personal blog but the changes we made over the past year or two have really helped the website to evolve in to much more of a "community" than it ever was before. Although I have not been giving this website as much love and attention recently, I do want my followers to know that I am grateful for their support and have been able to make level up improvements in my life as a result of the feeling of camaraderie. Sometimes people need to feel like they belong to something with supportive friends who have their back before they can achieve their best.

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The project started as ambient music but has started to evolve in to something bigger and better. After taking a lengthy break from electronic music production, I am back at it with renewed energy and have started making some tracks that I can actually be proud to promote and call my own. Not that I wasn't proud of my older tracks but it was kind of like the feeling one gets from their older brother when they make their first attempt; "That's cute, kid. Try again." Well, I tried again and this time something clicked. 

Am I a DJ superstar now? Absolutely not. But the tracks that I have lined up to release early in 2022 are going to blow my old works out of the water. February 2022 will see the release of my Aurora Moon EP which features 3 unreleased tracks from my ambient music project but shortly after I will be releasing a full length LP of experimental dance tracks that fuse jungle and house in to something that I can't really describe in one word. You will just have to hear for yourself.

That being said, "Johnny Crypto" is the first single from the upcoming full length album which has yet to be named. Don't be surprised if the title ends up including a Simpsons Easter egg or two. 🤘😀

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