Some of my favorite quotes from JP's latest satire:

"That's why we advocate for socialism, so us menstruating men will have someone to protect us." / "When I see men who are strong and confident, I just see rapists." / "Hard work is just rooted in privilege." / "Cats are too masculine for me." / "I think it makes more sense to learn how to be a man from women." / "If you don't menstruate you are completely infected with toxic masculinity." / "I wish this country was more like Venezuela. I think I'm gonna move to California." / "One day I hope to find a woman who will tell me what to do." / "Thinking for yourself just leads to trouble." / "Real men do as they're told." / "If I was a superhero my superpower would be obedience." / "A real man is tender, soft, incapable, and needs to be protected. It's how we need to raise the next generation."

Go home, woke-tards. Your weak-ass shtick is up. Your days of bullying others are over. Prepare for the inevitable backlash. Normal people are fed-the-fuck-up with your oppressive and whiny girly-boy tactics. I supported you as a fellow "outsider" until you let your silly little movement go way the fuck too far to where you are now infringing on other people's rights in the same ways that you cried foul about for years. We're done. It's over. I'm no longer on your "team." You are a fucking faggot.