This week we are putting the pop back in pop-punk, with an episode of Bubblegum & Pop Rocks. Not every band on this playlist fits the term "Bubblegum," in fact the episode opens up with what would lean more towards punk or post-hardcore before we start really chewing on the soft pink stuff... we're still talking about gum here by the way. 😘😁

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Bands and artists featured in this playlist include:

Chaser, Lost At Sea, Hollow Front, Jason Furlong, The Glimpse, BEEA, The Telescope, A Day To Remember, Kali Masi, MxPx, Everything We're Not, More Pop Punk Than Pizza

Watch the playlist below or use the following: link

Set a course for "A New Direction" with a fresh video from Chaser. Hold back your dreams before getting Lost At Sea in the video for "Collider." Hopefully you're not "Wearing Thin" by the time Hollow Front hits you in the chest with a blast of post-hardcore magnificence.

Jason Furlong came out of nowhere and surprised me with his video for "Prisoner of Your Love" which could easily rank right up there with some of MGK's recent work. The Glimpse give us a taste of how they do pop-punk with a "Fairy Tale" from Chisinau, Moldova. Brazilian born artist BEEA brings a refreshing blend of pop rock to Los Angeles, CA with her single "Oh, Wait." The Telescope answers that call from The Philippines with their single "I'll Be Waiting."

A Day To Remember recently released a wholesome little video for their acoustic ballad "Everything We Need." Forget Katy Perry, because Anthony Elliot of Kali Masi is a real firework in their video for "Freer," "what a man!" Mike Herrera and the "original" line-up +1 of MxPx do a live performance of their 2005 hit single "Heard That Sound." Max Bemis of Say Anything joins Everything We're Not in their song "Let It Go," More Pop Punk Than Pizza makes a debut with the single "I Won't Fall Again (I Swear)," and we bring back The Glimpse to close out the playlist with their song "Leaving Town."

As for extreme sports, I just found some clips and threw them in without too much thought. We have a street biking segment with Dennis Enarson who demonstrates a little bit of the trial-and-error that comes along with attempting stunts in extreme sports. Kai Hillebrand busts some street skating moves to a soundtrack of jazzy beats. Last, but definitely not least... I've always thought that mountain- climbers were borderline superheroes, but Danny Macaskill takes mountain climbing to another level by bringing his bike with him.

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