Spring is here! Time to dust off those boards and get ready to hit the waves or cruise the streets. This playlist is a mix of music that was recently sent to us by our fans along with a special selection of surf, skate, ska, and punk videos that make Episode 10 of the Pop Punk Radio Show.

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Bands and artists featured in this playlist include:

The Chats, 3dBs Down, State Line Syndicate, Coffee With Lions, Goldfinger, Break Offenders, Project Revise, Crispy Jones, Shadow Puppet Theater, Plague Vendor, Dick Dale, Eidosk, Chupaskabra, Green Day, The Queers, The Talks

Watch the playlist below or use the following: link

Fancy a talk? How about a chat? You can do both in this week's playlist which opens up with a banger from The Chats that will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. We follow that up with a brand new tune from 3dBs Down. Tony Sly may have left us way too early, but thankfully we have bands like State Line Syndicate to carry the torch. Don't leave Coffee With Lions alone with the thoughts in their head, lest they melt your face with a barrage of hardcore punk guitar riffs.

Goldfinger settles things downs with a music video that covers just about every base in this episode's theme. Break Offenders shows us how they do pop punk in the Philippines, before Project Revise shows us how they represent pop punk across the super continent over in the United Kingdom. Crispy Jones from Germany reminds us about the virtues of patience. 

Stop the hate with the funky beats of Shadow Puppet Theatre coming to us from Malaysia. Plague Vendor is a great live band with amazing energy at their shows. If we ever have an opportunity to go to shows again, I highly recommend checking them out when you have a chance. Brandon Blaine definitely knows how to get the crowd going with his stage antics. Speaking of amazing energy, no surf punk playlist would be complete without the legend of surf guitar Dick Dale. RIP 2019. We follow his classic up with a tribute from Eidosk.

Chupaskabra will get you to move your feet to the "Chupa Stomp." I also had to include one of my favorite surf style instrumentals from Green Day. Followed by fellow Lookout Records! era band The Queers, who's album Don't Back Down is a surf punk classic. "Don't Look Behind You" as The Talks close out the playlist with a fancy little tune that proves that the UK ska scene is still alive and well.

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