"What Happened To Our Villains" by The Critical Drinker

"If your heroes do nothing but plow their way through a collection of unthreatening, neutered enemies then you'll never get your audience to care about their struggle, because they don't fucking have one... You need to give your villains their fucking balls back." 

Some good points made in this video from The Critical Drinker. A powerful, well-written villain gives the hero a sympathetic struggle to overcome, and makes the movie far more interesting to watch. Where are the Darth Vaders, the Hans Grubers, or the T-1000s in modern films? Without such powerful villains to face in conflict, would we remember the Luke Skywalkers, the John McClanes, or the Terminators from the beloved classics?

Aside from the Marvel Universe's Thanos and perhaps Gus Fring from Breaking Bad, who are some memorable villains from major movies or TV shows the past 10 years?


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