"Female Writer Trashes Modern F3minism - "This Entire Worldview Is False"" by Strong Successful Male

Smart man. Smart woman. "Feminine" is sexy and attractive. "Feminist" is masculine and oppressive. Men and women are different. Period. Stop bullying women who choose to be feminine instead of feminist. 

"Self-sufficiency is easier to achieve when you're part of a family unit because ideally you have the consistent support of family members to rely on when in need. Oppressive governments don't want citizens to have this kind of personal power. Strong multi-generational family units are far harder to control than vulnerable individuals. In my opinion, control is what is truly to be gained by pitting man against woman, and devaluing family life. Feminists are useful idiots and proxy warriors of a greater battle to destabilize society, reduce personal liberty, and make tyrannical rule easier."


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