Pop Punk Radio Show Playlist: Episode 8 - Green Day Super Album: Uno Dos Tre Trilogy


Pop Punk Radio Podcast - Episode 8: Green Day Trilogy Super Album Playlist

What if Green Day's trilogy were released as a single album? In this episode, I've curated my own picks for an Uno, Dos, Tre super album with a playlist highlighting my favorite tracks from each part of the trilogy.

1. "99 Revolutions" - Great intro song. Green Day played this song to open their set when I saw them perform a few years ago, and it just felt like a fitting song to get the crowd going with positive energy. 

2. "8th Avenue Serenade" - "Say hello from your window..." sings Billie Joe on this uplifting little track.

3. "Let Yourself Go" - Classic, old-school raw Green Day energy. Easily one of the best tracks on the entire trilogy.

4. "Kill The DJ" - Polarizing tune, some people hate it and others love it. Definitely experimental. Personally, I dig the club music feel of the song.

5. "Makeout Party" - Sounds like it came straight from the Foxboro Hot Tubs album. A very good thing.

6. "Lady Cobra" - Nimrod era Green Day with a dash of White Stripes. 

7. "Nuclear Family" -  "Gonna ride the world like a merry-go-round..." Try not to have this song stuck in your head for a few days after listening to it.

8. "Oh Love" - Stadium anthem that needs to be heard, or more importantly felt, at a live performance to be fully appreciated.

9. "Lazy Bones" - "It's only in my head, as I roll over and play dead..." You just may want to hear it some more.

10. "Ashley" - Who is Ashley? What does an Ashley do? She is where she is, a filthy thought in your memory.

11. "Amanda" - Who is Amanda? She sounds like a different woman than Ashley. A better woman? Billie Joe seems to think so.

12. "Stray Heart" - The fact that this song missed out on major radio promotion when Billie Joe went to rehab makes this song an under-appreciated classic. I have a tough time deciding between  "Stray Heart" and "Let Yourself Go" as my favorite song in the entire trilogy. Can two songs share the top-tier on the podium? I think so.

13. "Brutal Love" - Another song that is best appreciated at a live Green Day performance. A bit of a classic rock style ballad which is fitting for a band that entered the Rock' N' Roll Hall of Fame just a few years after the trilogy's release.

14. "X-Kid" - A song about looking back that feels appropriate as a closing track for the album.

15. "Amy" - A lovely tribute to Amy Winehouse, who passed away one year before the release of Green Day's trilogy. I would put this one in as a secret song at the end of the album.

According to an interview with Billie Joe "The frontman said that he felt “really sad” after the “Back to Black” singer died...

“I just thought her music and her taste in music was so connected to old soul music and the original Motown and Otis Redding and Sam Cooke and things like that,” Armstrong said. “And I think that was a major loss.”"

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