Pop Punk Radio Show - Episode 7: "Local Band" Showcase Playlist #2

Episode 7 is another "Local Band" Showcase where we try to more heavily feature a variety of up-and-coming artists from around the world who can use your support. Although not every band in the episode fits the category of "up-and-coming."

Bands and artists featured in this playlist include:

HollyAcres, 408, Double Negative, The Wonder Years, Johnny Craven, The Network, AFI, Last Chance, Uganda's Moonshine Epidemic, Bad Operation, Genghis Tron, Paperklip Fader

"Go try to skateboard by yourself your whole life, it's gonna suck" says Pedro Barros in Free Dome's "Free Dream" Episode 1 from Thrasher Magazine. We also recently came across a neat little skate channel called The Curb Files. You should definitely check out their channel if you are interested in some nice tutorials that will get you grinding on curbs and pissing off your neighbors no time!

Some people have asked why we don't feature more surf videos in our playlists. Well, we heard you and added a video with Joel Paxton in this playlist to tide you over for now. We have definitely been aiming to do more surf themed playlists, so stay tuned...

Our good buddy ROVVLES recently released a new album of what he is referring to as "Ambient Space Music" with his album Jupiter Journey. An electronic adventure through the moons of Jupiter where "every moon has a story." We realize this music may not resonate with all of our listeners, but perhaps some will enjoy the experimental nature of the album. 

As usual, if you enjoy any of the music or videos on this playlist, definitely make sure to support the creators by interacting with their content. Like, Subscribe, and join the conversation. Brand new video from an up-and-coming artist? Be a trail-blazer and create the conversation.

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