"Nothing Is Cool" by 30 Foot Fall

30 Foot Fall was an awesome late 90s era skatepunk band from Texas. Lyrics to their song "Nothing Is Cool" are just as relevant today as they were back then. Society is still caught up in the past, pointing fingers at each other rather than coming together and trying to understand one another and form mutual respect. Social media has exacerbated tribalism to the point that entire groups of Karens are bullying people online and trying to suppress the voices of those who are different from themselves. Nothing's getting resolved. People are just pushing the pile of shit back and forth on each other.

Somewhere in crypto land, Mr Doge is looking at us with contempt while thinking to him/her/they/it's-self "Wow. Such progress. Very respect."


"We always sit around with our thumbs up our ass 

Ain't going nowhere, too caught up in the past 

Easy to commiserate and break your heart again 

Leave it all behind and let the healing begin 


You won't look at me and I won't look at you 

There's no communication, I guess we're through 

It comes as no surprise, typical human race 

Talkin' shit behind our backs but never face to face 


We could move forward with just a little talk 

But we've got too much pride so off the plank we walk 

I won't look at you and you won't look at me 

The joke's on us four eyes can't see 


We could push it back and forth and find someone to blame 

As if admitting we were wrong would bring us to shame 

I could hang the rope and you could tie the noose 

I guess we just love the abuse 


Your feelings are hurt and mine are hurting too 

If we don't get past the anger, what the fuck are we gonna do?

I love you but I love me too 

I won't sit and wait to be screwed"


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