"Freedom Is..." by Pinhead Gunpowder


"Home of the brave, land of the free,
Where "freedom of choice" just means Coke or Pepsi...
But I'm not buying it.

They say if you're not working
You're just wasting away,
"Employment gaps look bad on your resume"...
But I'm not buying, I'm not buying,
I'm not buying their incentives, their lies,
Their empty promises -- just chains in disguise
-- while they steal away our very lives!

Tell me why there's still a 40 hour work week
While unemployment's on the rise?
Why do we keep overproducing
But hard just to survive?
Why does "surplus" food rot
While hungry people die?

We're stripped of human dignity,
Forced to live in poverty,
Cuz in this land of the free
Our "freedom" is all fake.
We're wage slaves to the company,
Land slaves to the property,
And tax slaves to the economy
Of the capitalist state!

It's illegal to squat or live on the street,
But rent is extortion when you have to pay to sleep...
But I'm not buying it.

We're just indentured servants
Living on the master's land,
Serfs trying to buy back
Our freedom on the lay-away plan...
But I'm not buying, I'm not buying, I'm not buying!"


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