Pop Punk Podcast is Back!!!

Remember Pop Punk Podcast? It's back! In playlist form.

We've been digging through the vaults to recreate playlists with the music that formed episodes of Pop Punk Podcast. We have about 55 episodes that aired between 2011 and 2014. We aim to bring each one back over the next couple of weeks and give them a new life in a new format.
Some of the playlists have been altered for various reasons, including the fact that not every song is available on each streaming service. Some playlists may differ depending on which source you are using. We also generally tried to avoid repeating songs that were used in multiple episodes, unless they fit with a particular theme. We reserve the right to use artistic discretion, but for the most part each playlist has been recreated in the order they were originally played in.

We hope you enjoy!

You can listen to our Pop Punk Podcast - Episode 1 Playlist on:
Check out the Pop Punk Podcast Episode Playlist Archive:


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