30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4 - Someone You'd Rather Forget

Day 4 of the 30 Day Song Challenge. What song reminds you of someone you would rather forget?

Music has the ability to entrench itself in the deep recesses of our brain. Sometimes just the first few notes of a song can bring back a flood of memories that we associate with a specific time in our lives. Maybe even a memory shared with a specific person.

Every couple has a "song." Typically a sappy tune that was playing during a first kiss or romantic gesture. Maybe it was the slow jam that was a couple's first dance or just a shared favorite between two partners. Whatever it is, these songs must be chosen carefully. While it's tempting to dedicate a favorite song from your favorite artist to the one you love, the song can become a double-edged sword if the relationship does not work out.

"Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees

One evening after dinner with a new girlfriend, I select a handful of songs on the jukebox while we had a drink. I made sure to choose the Neon Trees single in preparation for a big moment. As the intro to the song came on, I whispered in my date's ear. I told her that we hadn't established a "song" yet, and that I was hoping she would like the one I chose. She listened for a moment before smiling in agreement, "and that was when I kissed her." It would be "our song" for over three years.

The song end up making me cringe for a while after the breakup. Enough so that I sold my only vinyl copy of Picture Show by Neon Trees. These days I miss the record more than I miss her. Now I can listen to the song and treasure the bitter-sweet memory. Sometimes the only thing that can heal a wound is time.


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