"The Only Way Is Through" by ...Underarmour?

We want to take a moment to share this advertisement. We have absolutely no affiliation with the product or the company, we just enjoy the message.

What kind of self-respecting punk supports an advertisement? Punks typically hold anti-establishment views. Well this may be the least punk thing we've ever posted on this page, or maybe it's the most punk thing we've ever done by going against traditional viewpoints.

Fact of the matter is, we feel there is a major difference between advertisements that are aimed at subliminally brainwashing people through fear tactics and manipulation; "Use this body-gel so girls will like you, you awkward smelly piece of shit." "Buy this acne treatment product, or face unbearable shame and torment from your own inner dialogue regarding what you imagine other people are thinking about the giant red bump on your nose, Rudolph." Or "Take this pill because it's the only way you'll satisfy your wife and you call yourself a man don't you?" As opposed to advertisements that are aimed more at simply informing a person about the existence of a product that may be useful. Or even going full swing in the opposite direction by motivating you without beating you over the head with their product.

The reality is; girls are less interested in what you smell like, and more interested in how you treat them. You don't have to smell like a brand new car everyday, just be aware of raising your arm in class after you spent ten or fifteen minutes furiously rubbing one out before rushing out the door to avoid being late for school. Laughter is the key to any woman's heart. Flowers don't hurt either. You don't have to spend a dime on either of those.

The red bump on your nose will go away on it's own, because the human body is incredibly badass and has been dealing with that type of shit for way longer than any corporation has. Also, most people don't give a shit about it. Many of your colleagues have experienced, and will experience the same or similar embarrassments. Have some courtesy and don't draw attention to the superficial flaws of others. Maybe they'll show you the same respect when it's your turn to ride in the back of the proverbial bus of shame.

Fun fact, erectile dysfunction is a manufactured condition. Meaning, it doesn't actually exist. A company years ago created a medication intended for treating high blood pressure. They discovered that the medication didn't exactly have the intended effect at reducing blood pressure, but they discovered that it could indeed affect the blood-flow to a little (or big, medium, we won't judge) part of male anatomy.

You would think that "take this pill and have a boner whether you want one or not" would've been a solid marketing strategy (no pun intended), but that's not what the company went for. No, they had to grab all us guys by the shirt collar with a raised fist and tell us "your dick is broken, old man!" No, your dick is not broken. You're just an adult with adult pressure, adult stresses, adult responsibilities. It's completely fucking normal to not be in the mood for sex sometimes when the weight of the world is piled upon your shoulders. You're not a young inexperienced virgin excited for any opportunity that presents itself so you better be ready to go at the drop of a hat. You're a married adult with a (hopefully) reliable partner, and who knows the sex will be better when both of you are on the same page. It can wait. Or maybe you're lucky enough to have a partner who senses when you're overwhelmed and knows how to help ease you out of "work mode."

Advertisers learned a long time ago that it was beneficial for their bottom line to promote fear and shame among the public. Because a person who is afraid is much easier to control into doing what you want them to do. Like reaching into your pockets and handing over your lunch money...


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