Song Combos: "Farewell My Hell" and "Saved By Hell" by Millencolin

"Everybody seems so happy like they all share something I haven't felt for years."

"Farewell My Hell" is a sad song about someone who appears to be contemplating suicide. "What's wrong with being free from pain?" asks singer Nikola Sarcevic. "Forgive me. Life is cruel. I'm leaving you." This is the song that opens up their 2005 release Kingwood.

On the other hand, "Saved By Hell" is the closing track on their 2008 release Machine 15. While "Farewell My Hell" is a song about someone looking to say goodbye, "Farewell My Hell" is a story about a survivor. We recently discussed this song with a little more detail. That article can be found here: link

Together, the two songs paint a re-assuring picture that whomever was stuck in a dark place has possibly found some way to cope (at least we hope so.) Transitioning from victim to survivor through the process of telling his story. "It didn't kill me then. It will not kill me now."


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