Album Rankings : Silverstein

In anticipation of A Beautiful Place To Drown, releasing March 6, we are ranking all of Silverstein's prior albums. Keep in mind that this ranking is a matter of personal opinion. Feel free to provide your own rankings in the comments below.

#9 - Short Songs (2012)
A clever album full of songs that are mostly under one minute in length. The first half contains a handful of Silverstein originals, while the second half contains a selection of short cover songs. It's ranking is largely because the short length of the album makes it feel a bit like an EP.
Favorite Songs: "Brookfield" / "It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (NOFX)"

#8 - When Broken Is Easily Fixed (2003)
Silverstein is a band that grew on me over the course of a few albums. I still remember picking up a free copy of a sampler CD at a local Bionic Records which contained the songs "Smashed Into Pieces" and "Bleeds No More." The songs resonated immediately. This was my first experience with screamo music, and it spoke directly to the depressed teenage soul within. However, these were far and away the better two songs of the album. This was Silverstein's debut, and they showed a metric shit-ton of promise. But it would take at least another album for the band to flesh out their sound.
Favorite Songs: "Smashed Into Pieces" / "Bleeds No More" / "Giving Up"

#7 - Arrivals and Departures (2007)
Silverstein's third release is possibly the band's poppiest, lacking the cohesive sound that most of the other albums posses. It does have some good tunes on it though. Including one of Silverstein's few love songs that doesn't end in heartbreak; "Still Dreaming"
Favorite Songs: "Still Dreaming: / "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" / "If You Could See Into My Soul"

#6 - Rescue (2011)
The first album after the band left Victory Records. Sometimes I wonder if the album title, and lead single "Sacrifice" might be references to the band's former label, which has left a sour taste in the mouths of some of the bands that used to be on the label's roster. Most notably, Streetlight Manifesto, who had a public legal dispute that was later resolved (we think?). The album has some stand out singles, but like Arrivals and Departures, lacks an overall cohesive album sound. According to vocalist Shane Told, who recently did an album ranking of his own, both albums were produced as more of a collection of songs rather than the typical full-album approach that the songwriter prefers.
Favorite Songs: "Replace You" / "Forget Your Heart"

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!


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