Movie Review: Overlord (2018)

Overlord is an action/horror/scifi/thriller that could have easily been called Wolfenstein: The Movie.

The film takes place during World War II and centers around an American military troop tasked with entering a Nazi occupied France in search of a radio tower that must be destroyed. The first half plays out like a fairly straightforward war movie along the lines of Saving Private Ryan, but takes an abrupt turn down the twisted tunnels of something more along the lines of Resident Evil.

The film also seems to pay a bit of homage to John Carpenter's The Thing with the casting of Wyatt Russell, who does a great job of channeling his father (Kurt Russell) as a squad-leader trying to keep his men's wits about them as everything they know gets flipped upside down, or inside-out. The eerie, pulsing theme music will also resonate with fans of the Carpenter classic.

Overlord is a non-stop action ride, that slows down just enough to let you catch your breath before taking off in another direction. None of those directions is new or groundbreaking, often re-using stereotypical horror and action movie tropes, but each fits well into the overall structure of the film.

This isn't a movie that is meant to make you contemplate the meaning of life. This is a movie that will pick you up, squeeze the dear life out of you like a Thanksgiving hug from Aunt Bertha, and then jolt you back to life with a rush of adrenaline!


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