Movie Reviews: The Love Guru (2008) - Hockey Month

Remember Mike Myers? He came around in the early 90s through Saturday Night Live and brought us the Wayne's World movies. Then he stepped it up a notch and gave us three hilarious Austin Powers movies. Then he took the movie world by the balls as the voice of Shrek and it seemed like he had everything going for him.

And then he released this movie:

The Love Guru was released in 2008 and is generally considered to be the movie that killed Mike's career. We think that's a bit harsh. The movie isn't great, by any means. But it has it's charm as a "stoner" style comedy even though there are no references of such in the film. If you enjoy Adam Sandler's newer films then you will enjoy The Love Guru.

So what makes this a hockey movie? Well, Myers plays a spiritual guru who is assigned to help the star player of the Toronto Maple Leafs rediscover his "mojo" after losing a girlfriend to another player on a rival team. That player is Jacques "Le Coq" Grande, a quirky French-Canadian goaltender played by Justin Timberlake.

This movie includes a number of appearances and cameos by various celebrities including Stephen Colbert, Jim Gaffigan, Verne Troyer, Daniel Tosh, Ben Kingsly, John Oliver, Jessica Alba and more. But in our opinion, it's Timberlake's performance that steals the show.


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