Music Videos: "Beaten In Lips" by Beartooth

Check out the music video for "Beaten In Lips" by Beartooth.

I recently had the opportunity to discover Beartooth in person as they were playing in support of one of my all-time favorite bands...
(Silverstein). As an older punk, I had not been exposed to Beartooth or Caleb Shomo's previous band Attack Attack! So I was completely unfamiliar with their catalog but that did not stop me from enjoying the music.

I actually liked what I heard so much that I head directly to their merch table to buy their album after their set finished. One item they had for sale was a sweatshirt that was designed to look like a hockey jersey. If I had more money in my pocket at the time, and if I didn't already own way too many sweaters I would have been all over it. I did see quite a few fans wearing one.

After the show I had a chance to give their CD a listen. WOW! I have always loved discovering new bands at shows. Home Grown helped introduce me to some amazing bands back in the day, such as Fenix TX (known then as River Fenix), Hoobastank and The Mr T Experience. Now Silverstein has introduced me to Beartooth.

After listening to the album and watching this music video, it was clear that this is a band with a serious message. The song "Beaten In Lips" is a bit of an anthem for the abused and this theme rings heavy throughout their debut album Disgusting.

THIS is what makes punk music so great, THE MESSAGE. If pop music typically serves as something simple to dance to, punk serves a much MUCH greater purpose. Not that there's anything wrong with the catchy-ness of pop music (we are POP punk fans after all), but the messages contained within mainstream pop-music tend to be either non-existent or glorifies a lifestyle which is totally unrealistic and completely unsustainable.

Punk music lyrics tend to have more basis in reality (not always, but quite often) and have helped me through some incredibly tough times in my life. I hope it does the same for you.


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