Christmas / Holiday Movie Fest 2014: #1 - Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (2002)

Ho ho ho and a merry bah-humbug. Pop Punk Radio is back with more movie reviews! This time we are tackling the holidays with Christmas / Holiday Movie Fest 2014! A majority of our reviews will probably be Christmas movies, but we are willing to include other winter holiday films as well. As evidenced by our first entry, Eight Crazy Nights, an adult animated cartoon produced by and starring Adam Sandler, whom we all know celebrates Hanukkah.

The movie features voice acting from some of Sandler's old Saturday Night Live buddies including Rob Schneider (The Narrator & Mr Chang), Kevin Nealon (Mayor Dewey), Jon Lovits (Tom Baltezor) and even Carl Weathers, (the guy who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky films) as a...
GNC bottle? But most of the main characters are voiced by Adam Sandler, for better & worse... but often for the worse.

Don't get me wrong, I love Adam Sandler, but his character voices can be slightly annoying at times. You know what voices you are getting if you have ever heard his comedy sketch albums or his characters from Saturday Night Live. Fortunately the main character (Davey) uses Sandler's normal voice, but the supporting characters (a squeaky voiced old man named Whitey and his sister Eleanor) take some time to get used to.

The movie focuses on the relationship between Davey and Whitey who are both outcasts in their own way. Whitey is a quirky old man who just wants to be remembered for his contributions to the town and not for his quirks while Davey is troubled by a past he has yet to reconcile with. Together, they work to change their ways through music and potty humor.

Despite it's crude humor, annoying voices and gratuitous use of product placement, Eight Crazy Nights is still an enjoyable film. It's not one of Sandler's classics by any means, but you will have some laughs and you might learn to lighten up a bit. A valuable message for the upcoming holiday insanity.

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