Album Reviews: Made of Matches by The House United

Album: Made of Matches
Artist: The House United
Release Date: May 21, 2014

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Sounds Like: Pop-rock/punk with rock'n'roll guitar work and elements of electro-pop synth.

Similar Artists: Paramore, Tonight Alive, The Nearly Deads

Review: Made of Matches is a brand new album from The House United. The band officially hails from Nashville, TN, but it's members come from all over the USA, Alaska to Maryland. Including a female vocalist from Slovakia.

"You could be my Alice... and I'll show you wonderland tonight"
sings Carmel P. Buckingham on the album's second track "Stay Alive." While Made of Matches fits into the pop-rock category as a whole, the album also succeeds in taking the listener through a few twists and turns which keep things interesting while still maintaining the same overall feel.

The album's title track "Made of Matches" is a dark & grisly tune with a bar-room rockabilly vibe while "Falling" features a hypnotic ska/reggae riff through it's verses. "Come Back Home" slows things down with a piano pop ballad while "Who Am I" is a soft, yet inspirational anthem to close things out with.

Our Score: 8.5/10 - A solid pop-rock album that varies in sound enough to stay interesting while still maintaining the overall feel. Clocking in at a healthy 53 minutes, The House United will give you your money's worth with Made of Matches!

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