October 09, 2014

Pop Punk Radio Halloween Movie Fest 2014: #3 - Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) - Modern Category

Our third installment of Halloween Movie Fest 2014 brings us to Silent Hill: Revelation. The sequel to Silent Hill, with both films being based upon the popular video game series.

Revelation can be a good introduction to first timers who have not played the games but still want to get an idea of what the Silent Hill series is all about. The film can also still be enjoyed by those who have not seen the first one. However, I highly recommend playing just about any game in the series if you have a chance before watching this film.

Fans of the video game series will obviously get the most enjoyment out of seeing characters and scenes from the game referenced throughout the movie. While the first film fused portions of the first and second video games into one story, Silent Hill: Revelation follows the theme from the third video game while taking liberties with the story to remain in line with the first film. So we find that Sharon has begun bleaching her hair and now goes by the name Heather.

One of the parts I enjoyed most about the film, aside from a short but sweet battle between Pyramid Head and a newly introduced monster called the Missionary, occurred at the end of the film where we receive references to three separate Silent Hill video games. Including Silent Hill's 2, Origins and Downpour. All of which could lead to potential sequels.

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