Pop Punk Radio Halloween Movie Fest 2014: #2 - Freaks (1932) - Vintage Category

Pop Punk Radio Halloween Movie Fest 2014 continues and things got a little freaky for our second selection. Our first vintage category selection comes from way back in 1932 with a little film called Freaks.

The movie features actual disabled circus performers playing the roles of various circus freaks. The freaks themselves are all kind and honorable people who just want to live their lives as normally and respectfully as possible. The real "freaks" however are the films only two "normal" characters who lie, cheat and attempt to steal their way to easy money.

One notable scene has the "freaks" inducting one of the "normal" characters into their ranks. Sitting at a dining table and chanting "gooba gobble, gooba gobble, we accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us." If you have ever heard the song "Pinhead" by The Ramones then now you know where they got their inspiration for the song's intro. This line has also been parodied in a variety of ways including an early episode of The Simpsons as well as a Butters focused episode of South Park.

Overall, Freaks is a strange film that, despite being over 80 years old, is still quite interesting. Special effects from old horror movies tend to be a bit laughable when compared to today's special effects. Fortunately, Freaks is not a film that relies on technical trickery and instead provides it's scares through atmosphere. There is a scene near the end when the circus performers sneak almost silently under caravans and wagons to unite against a common foe. The lack of musical score during this scene only heightens the on-screen tension.

Although I will be in no hurry to watch this film again, it was quite enjoyable the first time through. I definitely recommend checking it out at least once. At only an hour long, Freaks is a strange, yet highly important film to appreciate in early American cinema.

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