Album Review: Cycles EP by Traditions

Album: Cycles EP
Artist: Traditions
Release Date: March 11, 2014

Website/Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Sounds like: Up-tempo, guitar driven chords and riffs with storytelling lyrics.

Similar Artists: Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, The Swellers, The Softer Side

Review:  Traditions don't have very many albums under their belt, but you would never guess that from their well polished sound.
This four-piece from Westfield, MA (USA) combine their own collective musical backgrounds and experiences to provide an up-tempo guitar driven sound along the lines of Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, The Swellers or The Softer Side.

Singer Randy Burlingame wastes no time getting the story started with "Ten Days," an upbeat song about a broken relationship and the conflicting feelings of relief and sorrow that follow, even if it was for the best. The album continues on a roller-coaster path of self-discovery. "I've become about as useful as a compass with no needle," sings Randy on "Polarity," one of the albums more powerful tracks about self-reflection.

Cycles is a short concept album with an overall theme about the up-and-down cycles of life, the value of never giving up and "knowing you'll always float back to the top no matter how far you sink."

Our Score: 7.5/10 - A short but satisfying listen that should be enjoyed in it's entirety.

See also: If you enjoy Cycles, you might also enjoy Rise From The Embers by The Softer Side.

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