June 26, 2014

Song Meanings & Discussions: "Just Keep Breathing" by We Came As Romans

"Am I still breathing? Then nothing is as bad as it seems." sings Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans in the song "Just Keep Breathing" off of their sophomore release Understanding What We've Grown To Be. The message of the song is straight-forward but important enough to discuss anyway.

"I've stumbled over every obstacle / but at least I've made it past." Life is a journey and on every journey a person will face their own personal challenges and tragedies. Some will be met with success while others will be met with failure.  Despite our past mistakes, we still made it through. We are "still breathing." True failure doesn't come from having made mistakes; human beings are imperfect creatures and mistakes are an unavoidable part of life. True failure comes when we don't learn from them.

This song is a positive reminder that life goes on. "So just keep breathing and keep calm, keep calm."
As bad as our situations may seem at times, they can always be worse. The old cliche is true that time heals all wounds. Well, most of them anyway. Quite often time is the only option we have. The line "just keep breathing" reminds me of the movie Castaway. A 2000 film which has the honorable distinction of containing a similar positive message while also feeling like a 2 hour FedEx commercial.

(*spoiler alert*) The clip below is from the very end of the movie where Tom Hanks' character discusses his feelings of helplessness and despair while being stranded on a deserted island and the mindset that helped him survive.

"The only real control we have is over ourselves / we can't and we won't control anything else." Life is a journey and on that journey there will be ups and downs. Sometimes all we can do is remind ourselves of what we have and that there is only so much under our own control. And despite all the bullshit, we can make it through. "Just keep breathing."