Song Meanings: "Sacrifice" by Silverstein

This is the first of what will be a recurring feature. We are going to examine the lyrics of various songs to discuss the meanings, inspirations and interpretations that may be taken from them. Readers are encouraged to respond with their own comments.

Our debut entry features the song "Sacrifice" by Silverstein. Released after changing labels from Victory Records to Hopeless Records, it was the first single from their Hopeless debut album titled "Rescue" in 2011. 

I saw the band perform during this transitional phase and they had ZERO merchandise for sale from the previous label. I've heard that Victory Records doesn't exactly have the best reputation with a handful of bands who have left including Streetlight Manifesto who have actually gone as far as to encourage fans to NOT purchase their merchandise from that label. 

I wonder if there wasn't some sort of falling out and this song is in reference to it all. It seems to be about feeling ripped off (sacrificed for someone else's gain) by someone with bad intentions, "You'll take your share at anyone's cost/ Satisfy your worst intentions, I'm your sacrifice." The line "the anchor's up, your ship has been sailed" is possibly in reference to the last album (Shipwreck in the Sand) released on the former label?

Just a thought. Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts, facts or opinions.


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