Pop Punk Song Meanings: Millencolin - "Entrance At Rudebrook"

Today's entry of Pop Punk Song Meanings explores Millencolin's "Entrance To Rudebrook" from the 1997 album For Monkeys. 

This song is primarily about Nikola Sarcevic's experience with his favorite hockey team Orebro Hockey in his hometown of Orebro Sweden. 

Nikola laments on the pain of being a fan of the struggling team. Fans of the band might also recall the line "my favorite hockey team is struggling" from the song "Losin Must" on the same album. Apparently this is nothing new as the chorus reflects "for twelve years I've been down."

Nikola is no fair-weather fan though. He has stuck it out for twelve years (as of 1997) and shows no intention of abandoning his team. Like a true fan! "I'm not whining, I'm still smiling. I'm still around every night." Any die hard fan of a struggling sports team can relate to this song but it's message applies to various aspects of life. 

I have never understood or admired those who follow the bandwagons and only cheer for teams that are good. Do they feel cheering for a winner somehow makes them a winner by extension? Are they filled with so much self-doubt that the thought of mentioning that they cheer for a bad team would be too embarrassing for them to live through for 2 tenths of a second? 

Out here in California we call them Yankees fans. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. But seriously, if you weren't born, raised or currently live in New York then you have no business cheering for the Yankees. Get over yourselves. You aren't a better human being for cheering for a team with more titles, you are just more of a douche for thinking that way. But now we're getting off topic...

The title "Entrance At Rudebrook" comes from the arena's location which is officially Rudbecksgatan. Since none of us at Pop Punk Podcast speak Swedish, we are assuming Rudebrook is a translation. The lines "every Sunday or Wednesday we'll be there" reflect the fact that these are the two days that games traditionally take place on.

Listen to the song and read the lyrics below and feel free to comment with your own thoughts, opinions or New York Yankees bashing! Don't forget to check us out on Facebook!

Lyrics are as follows:

"The joy and the pain, it's all in the game
but right now the joy's far away
we're gonna take it back to how it was before now
so what if we're last, so what if we're gone
you're waiting for that day, but I know it won't come
we've reached the bottom and now we're just looking forward

For twelve years I've been down
but I'm not whining, I'm still smiling
I'm still around every night

every Sunday or Wednesday I'll be there
with all the other folks biting those nails
and some of us I know that we would die for you
maybe you think it's just cause I have my smartcard
but forget that pall, tell you what
we're in it and we're in it to win it

so many hours spent in that building
and all the memories divine
just a few more seasons, then we'll be back
ready to attack, ready to take on the top again

so what if we're last, so what if we're last again
so what if we're last, we can't stay last forever

for twelve years i've been down, but I'm not
whining, I'm still smiling, and I'm still around
every night"


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