Episode 3 - Surf's Up?

Surf episode? Kinda... Check out some tunes while you work, drive or whatever it is you do while listening. "So let me in!" Don't forget to "like" us on facebook.

Download: (MP3)

Set List:
  1. The Beatsteaks - "Let Me In"
  2. White Wives - "Paper Chaser"
  3. Emily's Army - "Broadcast This"
  4. Dynamite Boy - "Julie H"
  5. Green Day - "Why Do You Want Him?"
  6. Fenix TX - "Surf Song"
  7. Screeching Weasel - "Surf Goddess"
  8. Home Grown - "Surfer Girl"
  9. Guttermouth - "Surf's Up, Asshole"
  10. Rancid + Stubborn All-Stars - "I Wanna Riot"
  11. Brothers of Brazil - "Samba Around the World"
  12. Goldfinger - "20 Cent Goodbye"
  13. Millencolin - "Story of My Life"
  14. Leftover Crack - "Gay Rude Boys"
  15. Schleprock - "Do It All"
  16. The Black Pacific - "Living with Ghosts"
  17. Dropkick Murphys - "Good Rats"
  18. The Vandals - "It's a Fact"
  19. Face to Face - "Blind"


Innocenzo Smith said…
I appreciate the efforts of the author, but this show is just a muddle. Pop punk is hard to pin down, but these are songs of appreciation of the author, I guess. Unfortunately (with three exceptions) nothing to do with the ambiguous definition of what was called by many as pop punk.
I do admit that this episode isn't as "poppy" as it can be. I like to keep pop-punk as a guideline but I enjoy playing other songs as well. I try to keep the styles related, you aren't going to hear any death metal for example. I appreciate the comment, good to know that someone is paying attention!

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