Concert Reviews: Silverstein - Winterizer Tour - The Glass House, Pomona, CA - Jan 21, 2011

Silverstein - Winterizer Tour - The Glass House, Pomona, CA - Jan 21, 2011

Line-up: Silverstein, Pierce the VeilMiss May IThe ChariotBullet for a Pretty Boy

Review: This was my first time back at the Glass House in probably over 10 years. It was good to see that nothing has changed... except that there is no longer a bar inside! WTF? The last time I was here I wasn't old enough to drink, but I do remember them having a nice bar with easy access at the back of the main room. Apparently it has been moved next door to the room they used to use as a side stage. Oh well.

Silverstein: I didn't make it early enough to catch any of the other bands. I'm not exactly a huge fan of screamo and hardcore music, but SIlverstein is an exception. This was their first tour after signing with Hopeless Records and releasing a short ep titled Transitions which features songs from an upcoming album. Their style hasn't changed with the transition to a new label and I look forward to a new release.

They opened up with "I am the Arsonist" from the 2009 release "A Shipwreck in the Sand." Followed by "Smashed Into Pieces," the song that introduced me to the band in 2002 when I grabbed their free 2 song sampler from a local record store. Next they played one of their new singles titled "Sacrifice." I don't remember what order the rest of the songs came in, but I do know that they played "Your Sword vs My Dagger," "Broken Stars," "If You Could See Into My Soul," "Dancing on my Grave," "Already Dead," "A Great Fire," "Vices," "My Heroine" and "Smile in Your Sleep." 

Halfway through the set, Shane Told of SIlverstein brought a friend on stage who proposed to his girlfriend. I always wonder how many of these types of proposals are actually followed through with. I've seen my share of proposals at sporting events and concerts and I always wonder if the woman says yes simply because she's on the spot and later tells him differently. Maybe it's just my own pessimistic perspective. Oh well, best of luck to them.

After a very short break they came back on for a 2 song encore that included an acoustic song called "Replace You" from the new EP.  The song is strictly acoustic on the album, but the live version was beefed up to include the rest of the band as they joined in partially through the song. Similar to the way they perform "My Heroine" on the Decade live DVD. I hope this live version gets recorded and released in some form as well, because I enjoy when bands do different takes that give a familiar song a different mood. 

They ended with "My Heart Bleeds No More" from their early 2000s release "When Broken is Easily Fixed." Which was the other song that introduced me to the band on that 2 song sampler I picked up so many years ago. Although it wasn't until 7-8 years later that the band fully hooked me and climbed into my list of all-time favorites, I'm glad I held on to that sampler as the cornerstone of a growing collection of Silverstein music.

Set List: 
(Intro) I Am the Arsonist, Smashed Into Pieces, Sacrifice,
(Order not remembered) Your Sword vs My Dagger, Broken Stars, If You Could See Into My Soul, Dancing on My Grave, Already Dead, Smile in Your Sleep, My Heroine, A Great Fire, Vices, 

(Encore) Replace You, My Heart Bleeds No More


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