"Married Couple React to Candace Owens You Should Make Your Husband A Sandwich"

I agree with everything except for their criticism of Mia Khalifa at the end because she is a national treasure! I don't agree with shaming women who want to work in the adult film industry but they do make a good point about why she doesn't get taken seriously as a professional business woman after the fact. Definitely something young women considering opening an OnlyFans account should keep in mind.

But this isn't about Mia Khalifa, this is about toxic-feminism trying to shame women who want to support their families. Going so far as to insinuate that the only purpose a married woman has is to "make sandwiches."

These women want a real man to support them but toxic-feminism tells them not to do simple acts of support like making a meal as if there is nothing noble about taking care of a family. No actual man who has his shit-together wants to marry a selfish woman who doesn't support her own family. No child wants to be told by their parent to make their own sandwich. Human beings evolved the family unit over centuries. No amount of large red-heads screaming about patriarchy are ever going to change that. Such women are just going to find themselves going against the grain while dating weak beta-males and wondering why they are not truly and deeply satisfied.

Hey modern day so-called "feminists," shut the fuck up already. Most normal people are getting sick of your shit. You aren't what you think you are and the pendulum is swinging back to sanity.