NOFX *IS* a Pop Punk Band

"I actually hate when people call us pop-punk. We are a melodic hardcore band." - Fat Mike of NOFX

Whatever you say, bro.

Ok, in all fairness. I don't know many people that refer to NOFX specifically as a "pop punk" band. I would simply say they are a punk band with a variety of songs in different styles. I can see where "melodic hardcore" might be Fat Mike's intentions. A vast majority of NOFX songs do have aspects of hardcore, but their music has always walked the line of skatepunk and pop-punk. Some of their songs cross that line more than others. I wouldn't say that NOFX is a pop punk band in the same way that I would say Blink 182 is a pop punk band, but let's be honest with ourselves here. NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords have played a major role in shaping the sound of pop punk over the decades whether they care to admit it or not. People literally refer to a specific style of pop punk as "Fat Wreck Pop Punk." He also literally signed a band with the term melded in to their name.

I always find it funny when the big names of pop punk try to distance themselves from the term as if a large portion of their fan base hasn't spent time defending these very same artists from those who would criticize their fans for listening to "pop punk" bands. I can't tell you how many times I heard the line "Green Day is pop punk" spoken in condescending tone, or that "pop punk is not punk" in AOL "punk chat" rooms back in the 90s. 

Heck, my first day of High School in a new area with a bunch of kids I didn't know yet, I walked in to class wearing a Green Day shirt and before I could even find a seat some dickhead shouts at me "Green Day is so sixth grade dude, get over it!" Two months later, this very same dickhead would expose himself as the trendy douchebag that he really was when Green Day released a new single from their upcoming album and the guy was asking me "Did you hear the new Green Day song? It's so tight!" Fuck you, Steve. 😄

I've been hearing it my whole damn life and here I am today running a website called Pop Punk Radio for the past 11-12 years. Pop punk music isn't going anywhere, despite attempts by Fat Mike or Billie Joe to distance themselves from the term that helped them both become who they are today. 

It's like somebody turning off the Playstation milliseconds before Ryu is about to throw the hadouken that sends their character flying off the screen in a seizure inducing flash of strobes and Ultra-Combo echoes. Making a dumb blanket statement at the end of the game does nothing to change what happened. 

*Fat Mike's quote came from an interesting article that you can read here: link. 

As much as I like to play devil's advocate and offer alternative perspectives when I see the mob heading in a specific direction, I do fully support Fat Mike's announcement to come out as a cross-dresser. When I was in third grade I told my mother that I wanted to dress up as a girl for Halloween. I just thought that it would be funny to have balloons under my shirt with a wig and some caked on red lipstick to make my friends laugh. My mother, however, took it the wrong way. She didn't want me to do it. When I insist, she caved in, but she end up dressing me up as an old dead woman and putting a name tag on my chest that said "Norman Bates' mother." She thought that by dressing me up as a character from an old black and white Alfred Hitchcock film (Psycho) that this would be less embarrassing for her than to let her son go to school dressed up as a caricature of a woman, the likes of which I had grown up seeing cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny do for laughs. 

Will you ever see me walking down the street in a dress? Probably not. That's really not my thing. Would I ever wear a dress on stage if I were a performing artist? Perhaps. People should be allowed to be whoever they want as long as they are not bothering anyone else or forcing their beliefs upon others. It takes a lot of courage to push the envelope and come out of any proverbial closet. That is one thing I will always respect about NOFX.

Cheers! 🤘


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