"What Do Men Gain In Marriage?" by Better Bachelor

Absolutely nothing. Men have far more to lose in marriage these days than they have to gain. Don't get married, fellas. Just don't. If you do insist on tying a knot, marry a guy friend. You're better off being single or gay. Seriously.

Many women these days are not trustworthy, are not reliable, have rotten attitudes, and many of them are looking for "Captain Save-a-Hoe" to rescue them from poor decisions made in their own lives. By "rescue" I mean, stealing half of everything you've earned, reaching in to each and every pay check you earn for the next X amount of years, and taking your family away from you for all but two weekends a month (if you're lucky).

Sit this one out for a while, build your wealth, and focus on yourself. Good women are out there, but they are very few and far between. Modern dating is like looking for a thread in a stack of needles.

Don't do it. My two cents.


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