"I'm Changing EVERYTHING..." by Tim Pool

Tim Pool discussing culture, skateboarders, and making a positive impact. 

Key Points: 

(3:44) - Leftist culture vs skateboarders who value individuality and freedom. Need for healthy masculinity.

(5:45) Conservatives in the cultural arts.

(6:20) Individualism in skateboarding.

(7:58) Inspiring younger generations.

(8:56) Leftist dominated media.

(10:08) Individuality, self-responsibility, and hard-work.

(11:11) More about inspiring younger generations.

(13:30) Bringing back offensive comedy in the face of cancel culture.

(15:11) DO something!

(15:33) Telling ignorant people to fuck off.

(16:50) Building vs tearing down.

(17:50) A place for people to chill and find positive inspiration.

(20:27) Call to action.


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