Pop Punk Radio Show - Episode 1: "Welcome Back!"

The Pop Punk Radio Show is a variety playlist featuring punk rock music along with extreme sports, comedy, animation, and any other random extras that we find entertaining.

We take a look at the NOFX & Frank Turner Split LP on color vinyl. Our host JD also shows us a neat little trick to help keep the strap-locks on a guitar from coming off. After all, the strap-locks aren't going to work if the screws holding them in place don't do their job due to the wood being stripped by replacing the knobs.

Bands featured in this playlist include:

NOFX, Less Than Jake, Neck Deep, Rancid, The Interrupters, Silverstein, Machine Gun Kelly, & Frank Turner.

We also want to give special attention to the bands Wasting Time and Dozer TX who could really use a big heaping dose of support. So please be sure to check those guys out. We encourage you to show them some extra love. Hit those like and subscribe buttons for them if you dig what they are doing!

The playlist closes off with a little electronic ambient "space music" by As You Wish Ambient. It's been a stressful year for many of us, with anxiety coming seemingly from all directions at times. Our host JD recently started making ambient music with 5K visuals in order to help relax during these stressful times. We realize this music may not be a good fit for all of our listeners, but perhaps some may find some enjoyment and relaxation.

Watch the playlist below or use the following: link


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