March 08, 2020

Featured Artists - Brain's All Gone

Brain's All Gone is a pop-punk trio from Poland. It's hard to believe that it was almost seven years ago that I first discovered this band through their 2013 EP Outcast of Society. Back when Pop Punk Radio was still just a wee little podcast, we released Pop Punk Podcast Compilation Vol. 1 with 24 contributing artists. The first song on any album is a big decision. You want a song that will catch people's attention and hook the listener into deciding that rest of their album will be worthy of their time and attention. The first song should also speak to the rest of the album as a whole.


I chose "Education" by Brain's All Gone as the first song for the compilation because it's a rocking tune with a building intro. And to be quite honest, I think it's a great song. Starting up in an era when many female punk bands were often measured against Paramore, Brain's All Gone paved their own path. They "will not follow" and they "will not try." I felt this was a great message to convey and as someone who grew up listening to bands like Green Day or half the roster of Epitaph Records, I felt the vibe of the music was a perfect fit for the compilation.

"Inny Swiat"

The trio released their debut full length Yet We Have Hearts in 2015. Fronted by singer / bassist Aleksandra Jakubus has a stage presence with a hint of attitude that reminds me of a modern day Joan Jett or, dare I say it? a young Courtney Love. Marta Michalska is a solid punk guitarist who could hold her own with any of the all-time greats like Billie Joe or Brett Gurewitz. Last, and definitely not least, is the wonderful (vonderful?) Weronika "Wrona" JasiĆ³wka who provides beats and backing vocals. I've never had a chance to see Brain's All Gone perform live, but I hope they include at least one song in their set that allows Wrona to come out from behind the kit for an acoustic song because she has a beautiful voice that needs to be heard. 

"Outcast of Society"

Hopefully one day I will have a chance to see them perform. Fat Mike, if you're listening, this band would make a great addition to a growing line-up of amazing female punk bands like Bad Cop / Bad Cop and The Bombpops. Just sayin!

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