Punk Songs About Unity (Unity Playlist)

"Avenues & Alleyways" by Rancid

This song speaks out against racial bigotry handed down from older generations, and perpetuated by the media. I'll admit that I often have a hard time deciphering what Tim Armstrong is saying without consulting a lyric sheet. However, the lines "he's a different color, but we're the same kid / I'll treat him like my brother, he'll treat me like his" always give me those feel-good goosebumps.

"All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" by Less Than Jake

This song asks listeners to take a better look before passing judgement on others. It has been said that a wise man knows that there is much that he does not know, because the amount of information in the world is infinite. We may think we know a person, but there is always so much more that we don't know about them. It is impossible to ever understand someone's full story. Take a moment to consider how little you know about your neighbor before you "pretend they're not the same as you." The two of you are probably more alike than you realize.

"Oi To The World" by The Vandals

This is a song about a punk and a skinhead who clash over "musical differences" and decide to settle those differences with the old "meet me behind the jungle gym after school" routine. Except, this asinine event would occur "Christmas Day on the roof down 20 oxford street." The two fools duel with karate weapons and beat each other up pretty bad. Who is the winner? Well, no one. Both boys are abandoned by their respective crews as police sirens can be heard in the distance. The two combatants, now bonded by their mutual fugitive status, help one another escape and then spend the rest of the night at the pub buying each other drinks. Everybody wins! Except for the cowards that ran off and abandoned their friends, hopefully those fuckers got caught. 😆

"Don't Call Me White" by NOFX

"The soap shoved in your mouth to cleanse the mind / a vast majority of sheep / they're so fucking ordinary..." This song calls out racial prejudice against those that often get blamed for many of the atrocities that have occurred in the past. Some of the people being blamed are not the elite Mr Burns-esque rulers sitting on an ivory throne in a top-floor office, fingers tented, plotting ways to benefit from keeping the proletariat down. Rather, they are the same common people sitting in the neighboring cubicle or standing at the desk next to you, dealing with a lot of the same bullshit as you are. People absolutely can't work together as long as they are being lumped in a category with those that don't represent them. As Fat Mike sings; "I ain't part of no conspiracy, I'm just your average Joe."

"One People, One Struggle" by Anti-Flag

Some people think that the name "Anti-Flag" means "Anti-America." Those people would be dead wrong. Anti-Flag stands for the idea of "no nations, no borders." Yes, it is true that a flag may represent solidarity with one's countrymen. It is also true that a flag may serve to divide one from other members of the human race who exist outside of a their own flag's borders. Anti-Flag is a band that speaks out against oppression and bigotry. Anti-Flag is a band that believes we are all "one people" sharing "one struggle." This list could have easily been filled with music from their catalog alone.

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