August 03, 2018

"Mirror Box" by Silverstein

"Showed up, shot down, same day.
Deep breaths, short steps, same way.
Your house I know it’s okay.
I left but I wish I had

Stayed up, slow down, it’s too late.
I still had more to say.
How much could my words weigh?
I left but I wish I had

stayed the night.

A little bit broken, I’m not the only one.
A little bit desperate, I’m not the only one.
I’ve got a feeling that you feel the same.
We got a sickness and we know it’s name.

A little bit broken I’m not the only one.

Old glass, new scene, same face.
Bad blood, deep cut, same place.
I just wanna be okay.
You left but I wish you had

Stayed here, I can’t see straight.
I need to hear you say,
we caused this hurricane.
We’re gone, but I wish we had

stayed the night.

And in this moment, I need the past.
You burned the bridge, I built a home in the ashes.
Why should I forgive you?
It’s been a long night, I’ve had enough.
I made my bed in the dirt and the dust.
I swear I never meant to

stay the night."