Song Meanings: "Soulmate" by No Use For A Name

Four years ago today, the punk community lost a valuable member in Tony Sly. A loss of which the effects are still felt today.

Join us as we explore the meaning of an old classic No Use For A Name song from the 90s titled "Soulmate."


The song is written about a girl but it could be about anyone...

I believe that the song is about insecurity. "More than just a lifelong friend" and "the one companion that stuck by your side since you were born." As demonstrated by the band (aka, insecurity) following her around and popping up at unexpected and unwanted moments throughout the video.

The girl in the song is consumed by her fears and insecurities. Using alcohol and/or other substances as a crutch to mask the real problem(s).

The voice inside the person's head is conflicted, but the little "devil" half-side of the brain almost always wins out because sometimes the brain tries to trick itself into using the easiest path to self-preservation. Often by assuming the worst and protecting itself through "strength in paranoia" to be prepared for it while drowning out the other "angel" half-side of our conscious which tries to remind us that our paranoia is misguided. "And all those times..." you were right about being wrong.

Sometimes it's easier for our brains to assume the worst case scenario and to prepare itself for what it may feel is an incoming problem or disaster. Our brains naturally want to seek a black and white perspective to a problem/solution but the cold reality of the world is that many problems often dwell within the gray areas with no clearly defined result or solution within view. 

In the case of events we can't control, sometimes all we can do is accept the reality that worries, anxieties and insecurities are a part of life. These emotions will come and go, they will ebb and flow and they will exist in ANY situation, regardless of our choices and circumstances in life. We can spend our energy fighting these emotions or we can recognize them for the naturally occurring thoughts that they are and not allow ourselves to be consumed by them. Because if negatives will naturally come and go, so will the positives.

I think that the line "you try to build so much, it breaks on you" describes how we can spend so much energy trying to build walls around ourselves for protection. An energy manifested out of fear and insecurity which can't be healthy to maintain. Eventually it all comes crumbling down on top of us.

"What that means?" I don't know exactly, but I think I have a clue...


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