October 24, 2014

Funny Fridays: Teens React to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

"The Legend of... who?!"

Teens React is a youtube series where various teens are shown popular shows, movies and toys from the 80s and 90s and film their reactions. This episode has teens reacting to the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s.

One teen hilariously criticizes the designers for choosing "beige" as the system's color.
The system was actually designed using light gray, dark gray and black. However the light gray portion often faded yellow or beige with age.

Some of the teens actually thanked the NES upon learning that Nintendo was largely responsible for reviving the gaming industry and setting it on the path to where video games are today. It's hard for younger generations to relate to a world where video games were not a major form of media.

They will also never understand the horrors a generation of young gamers experienced when we were finally gifted with the first motion picture based on a popular video game. Hearing the rumors which finally get confirmed by an announcement in Nintendo Power Magazine... yes, your favorite video game is becoming a movie! Not knowing what to expect but at the same time, expecting an experience just as good as the game.

Only to receive this:

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