August 14, 2014

World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor Official Trailer

This isn't music news but we are huge fans of the Warcraft series going back to the real-time strategy days of Warcraft II.

This trailer might require a little backstory for those who are un or partially aware of the game's lore.

First an introduction of characters:

Gul'dan - this is the cloaked figure you see dipping the cup into the green liquid
Mannoroth - the large winged demon with fiery green mohawk
Grom Hellscream - the long haired orc, father of Garrosh
Garrosh Hellscream - bald orc with black tattoo'd chin, son of Grom

If Warcraft is Clerks, then Garrosh would be Dante because he's "not even supposed to be here today."

This trailer takes us back 35 years to the world of Draenor which is essentially the same "world" or "planet" as Outland, except that Outland is basically the modern day version of Draenor after it had been shattered by certain events. If Outland is modern day Earth, then Draenor is Pangaea and Ner'zhul is plate tectonics. (Ner'zhul  is actually the derp responsible for shattering the world of Draenor but don't worry about that right now.)

Not only are we going back in time to a special place, but we are also going back to a critical event in Warcraft history. Back in the Warcraft II days, the orcs were more like the "evil villains" of the game. They were a corrupted race who came into the world of humans (Azeroth) through a Dark Portal and were hell-bent on taking over the land.

In Warcraft III we discovered that the orcs had been corrupted by the original warlock Gul'dan. That bubbling ooze he dips the cup in is the blood of Mannoroth. An evil demon pit lord who serves as a lieutenant for the game's evil faction of demons, infernals and corrupted races; The Burning Legion.

Originally, the orcs had become corrupted during this moment when Gul'dan feeds the blood of Mannoroth to one of the orcs most powerful warriors, Grom Hellscream. In original Warcraft history, Grom drinks the blood under the guise of having untold power and strength to crush their enemies. Most of the other orcs follow along and become corrupted with Blood Lust. A few notable exceptions refuse to drink the blood, including Thrall's father Durotan. Eventually, the blood lust is lifted from the orc race when Grom Hellscream (the first to drink) defeats Mannoroth and frees his people from the curse, dying in the process.

HOWEVER, in this trailer we see events unfold differently. Instead of drinking the corrupting blood, Grom refuses. Which doesn't make Mannoroth very happy. Cue Garrosh, who traveled back in time and apparently brought the orange one AND the orange one with him. (I couldn't resist one more Clerks reference!) We see other orcs unleashing a barrage of flaming projectiles upon Gul'dan and Mannoroth. Culminating with Grom dealing the death blow to Mannoroth who explodes in a burst of fiery rage.

In previous Warcraft history, the orcs drank the blood of Mannoroth, became corrupted and were sent through the Dark Portal into the world of Azeroth under the control of the burning legion. Eventually Grom would defeat Mannoroth, freeing the orc race from the curse with Mannoroth's death explosion killing Grom too. Thrall had survived the event and eventually went on to form what we know as The Horde today.

However, in this new scenario posed by Warlords of Draenor, Garrosh has gone back to the past and altered a pivotal event. Grom does NOT drink the blood, the orcs do NOT become corrupted & Grom survives to fight along with his time-traveling son who may only be a few years younger than him at this point. If Warcraft is Butterfly Effect than Garrosh is Ashton Kutcher and we all just got "Punk'd" by Blizzard.

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to playing this despite the confusion it will bring to the time-line. Release date is Nov 13, 2014 which is just in time for the 10th Anniversary of World of Warcraft.

See you all in Draenor! Lok'tar ogar!