July 31, 2014

RIP Tony Sly - 7/31/2012

Two years ago today the world lost an amazing songwriter. I will be forever bummed out that I missed at least two opportunities to see No Use For A Name about a year or two before Tony's passing.

I missed out on their club show at Punk Rock Bowling 2012 because I was unable to purchase tickets at the time they went on sale. I also missed
a show where NUFAN was playing in support of NOFX as the latter band was also playing the next night with Lagwagon in support. I liked both bands but I was exposed to much more of Lagwagon's music growing up. So naturally I chose to knock Joey Cape off of my list of favorite artists whom I had yet to see perform.

I figured I would have another opportunity to see NUFAN, but I was wrong. I guess this is one of those examples where we shouldn't take certain things for granted. Take advantage of your opportunities, because we won't always get another chance.

RIP Tony Sly. Thank you for everything your music has given us!