Song Discussions: Meaning of "May 16th" by Lagwagon

"No more waiting on them / As you rise inside new rooms," sings Joey Cape in Lagwagon's "May 16th." "It's just another Saturday." Or is it?

Apparently May 16th is the day an old friend of Joey's got married. The problem being that Joey wasn't invited. "There's no gain in failure. You succeed at being mine, yeah, old friend, see you there. I will be proud from a afar." Rumors say that the friend in question was Fat Mike from NOFX who's wife supposedly didn't want Joey at the wedding. (This rumor has been deemed false.)

As someone who has been around long enough to see a handful of his own old friends tie the knot, I can relate. An old buddy whom I had known since elementary school got married a few years back. Although we had rarely seen each other or even spoken following high school, I had always considered this person a friend, nay, a "brother from another mother." We may not always get along or agree with our families, but we still love them just the same. However, sometimes it hurts when that love is not reciprocated.

Having the situation to do over again, I would have liked to tell that friend that I was disappointed at not being invited, but proud for him. Instead, I sulked about it in my room while listening to this song on repeat for an hour or two. "I can paint a picture in a moment of memories / and there aren't many left."

"I am extradited."


On that sour note, Happy May 16th, everyone! ;)


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